AJ was a contestant on Our Total Drama World Tour, on Team Nuevo. He was one of the 3 debuters, along side Brenna and Callum.

Personality Edit

AJ is a nice guy who watched the first 2 seasons of OTD. When he heard there were sign ups for the third season, he signed up as soon as possible. AJ wants to move to New York and become an author sometime in his life. He is mainly an introvert and has a hard time making friends.

Our Total Drama World Tour Edit

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Relationships Edit

Brenna Edit

AJ and Brenna were two of the 3 debuters of OTDWT. This was the first person AJ talked to on the show, and soon became friends. They seemed like they were the only ones to understand each other. AJ soon showed signs that he might care about Brenna. Henry and Kaster seemed to make fun of him for it, while Brenna just shrugged it off. Once they arrived in Paris, AJ and Brenna ran off to the Eiffel Tower skipping the challenge. AJ admits his love and Brenna does as well. Little did they know Team Andres lost, and Brenna was sent packing soon afterwards.

Cameron Edit

Our Total Drama Action Special Edit

AJ and Cameron first met in the TDA Special where the OTD contestants almost lost their chance at fame. AJ was introduced to be a contestant on Chris' new show "Total Drama Dirtbags". While it was revealed to be a prank, AJ was soon announced to be 1 of the 3 new contestants, along side Brenna, and Callum.

Our Total Drama World Tour Edit

AJ and Cameron were one of the first few to finish the challenge in Egypt, making Team Nuevo. While they seemed to always bicker, they honestly had no problem with each other. That didn't stop them from always pulling pranks on one another. Once Kaster chose to eliminate Katt (which was actually a team swap) AJ confronted Cameron. He realized they both had something against Kaster, and formed their own mini alliance.

Kaster Edit

AJ watched both seasons of OTD. Kaster was one of his many favorites on the show. Little did he realize that he'd be having a heated rivalry on the show, after Kaster voted out Brenna soon after Brenna and AJ confessed their love for one another.

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