Ace was a camper and the winner of Our Total Drama Island, as a member of the Killer Bass. He returned as a cast member on Our Total Drama Action and served as the captain of the Screaming Gaffers.

Personality Edit

Ace is most well known for being a germaphobe. He has a huge fear of germs and will do anything to avoid dirt or anything risking his cleanliness. He also has photo sensitivity, which means he wears sunglasses at all times outside.

He is a determined competitor, and when he's not making innuendos or breaking the fourth wall, he's having banter with his best friend Jack.

Our Total Drama Island Edit

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Our Total Drama Action Edit

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Our Total Drama World Tour Edit

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Relationships Edit

Jack Edit

Ace and Jack are best friends, after hitting it off in "Search and Do Not Destroy". They quickly became good friends, Ace typically making innuendos at the latter's expense. Jack has been shown to enjoy Ace's magic tricks.

Jack rooted for Ace to win in "The Very Last Episode, Really!"

Ace picked Jack first for his team in Our Total Drama Action.

Matt Edit

Ace has had a crush on Matt since the beginning of Our Total Drama Island, and spent the whole of the season wondering whether to admit it.

The two had a good friendship, teaming up in the merge of the season and working together until Matt was voted off by the losers.

Matt did not root for Ace to win in "The Very Last Episode, Really!"

When Matt did not qualify for Our Total Drama Action, Ace was seen very upset.

Andrew Edit

At first, Ace and Andrew got on, but after Andrew got Henry voted off, they became quick enemies.

Ace was seen glad when Andrew was eliminated.

In Our Total Drama Action, despite Andrew wanting to rekindle their friendship, Ace still appeared to hold a grudge against him, and quickly voted him out.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite winning Our Total Drama Island, Ace did not appear in Our Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Ace has been confirmed to be bisexual.
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