Andrew was a camper and the main antagonist of Our Total Drama Island, as a member of the Killer Bass. He returned as a cast member on Our Total Drama Action but was eliminated before teams were chosen. He was an Aftermath host in Our Total Drama Action along with Konz.

Personality Edit

At first, Andrew appears to be a relatively normal boy, only set apart from the others by his strange habit of being able to fall deeply asleep at any time, place, or situation.

However, Andrew suffers from MPD, which gives him three personalities. There is: Andrew, the main one, a kind, friendly boy; Bruce, an angry boy who comes out when Andrew is seriously mad and finally Samson, a manipulative, evil man.

Andrew heavily dislikes his other personalities and tries to keep them at bay, but in Our Total Drama Island, Samson took control and made the entire cast heavily dislike Andrew.

Our Total Drama Island Edit

Andrew started off normal in Total Drama but in the episode "Paintball Deer Hunt", Samson took over. Throughout the season, Samson eliminated and manipulated a few competitors as well. Samson stayed low undercover as Andrew until the episode "That's Off The Chain!" where Konz revealed to the rest of the cast that Andrew was really Samson. This caused him to be eliminated in the next episode "Hook, Line, and Screamer". Samson's actions during this season caused Andrew to be hated by the rest of the cast when they returned for Action. During Island, Samson had a hand in eliminating Alex, Zach, Kaster, Joe, Henry, Click, Zach again, Konz, and Matt.

Our Total Drama Action Edit

There isn't much to say about Andrew in Action. He was eliminated first due to the actions of Island and became the Aftermath host. While hosting aftermath, he did manage to rebuild relationships with a few people.

Our Total Drama World Tour Edit

In World Tour, Andrew started off strong on Team Nuevo. Their team lost the first few challenges because of another player. He almost left but was saved by Ben rigging the votes. During the season, his team became like a family and he stayed loyal to them until merge when he and Kaster had a plan to team up and backstab other contestants. This in turn caused the Nuevo family to split apart as Andrew quickly eliminated AJ and Brenna. Andrew was going to eliminate Cameron in the episode "Rapa Phooey" until Tanooki revealed his entire plan, causing Andrew to go home almost unanimously. Andrew had a hand in eliminating Konz, Katt, Ace, Matt, Brenna, and AJ.

Our Total Drama Revenge of the Island Edit

Andrew was not a contestant in Revenge of the Island. Instead, he appeared in a one episode cameo to test a challenge but ran away. Later in the episode, it was revealed to have blown up a mountain of Chris's head.

Our Total Drama All-Stars Edit

Andrew started off in All-Stars pretty bad, getting eliminated the first time his team lost. He returned in the episode "Moon Madness" as Samson took control cause of the bizarre moon and fought Kaster. Andrew stayed on the island until he officially returned at merge in the episode "You Regatta Be Kidding Me!" as he won first place and immunity from being voted off that first night. Andrew won immunity in the next episode as well, keeping him safe. At the final 6, it was revealed that Cameron had two idols and betrayed Ben by giving him a fake one so Andrew teamed up with Minah, Jules, and Jack to take down Cameron. Cameron got 5th. Andrew went on to win the final 4 challenge, meaning he got to pick who to bring to the finale with him. He chose Minah. In the finale, at the final stretch, Chef shot a giant Spaghetti ball at Minah and Andrew jumped in front of it, sacrificing himself so Minah could win. He had redemption for the past seasons finally. Andrew had a hand in eliminating Matt, Cameron, and Jules.

Our Total Drama Pahkitew Island Edit

Andrew was not a contestant on Pahkitew Island but he had snuck on to watch his sister Kaitlynn and make sure she didn't get hurt. He did nothing but watch the season from the shadows.

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race Edit

In Progress

Our Total Drama All-Out All-Stars Edit

Andrew returned once again as a competitor for All-Out All-Stars where he was not a big part of the season. Andrew got eliminated 16th out of 20th place after swapping from a team of allies to a team of people he didn't know. Andrew proceeded to stay on the island and became an intern helping out and cooking breakfast most mornings. During this season, he formed his relationship with Halo.

Our High Seas Edit

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Relationships Edit

Henry Edit

Samson caused Henry's elimination by convincing Henry's best friend, Click, to vote him off.

Kaster Edit

Andrew didn’t interact with Kaster at all throughout the season, but Samson did. Kaster was the first person Samson revealed himself too and Samson sabotaged him in a challenge (Paintball Deer Hunt) causing him to be eliminated soon after. Kaster eventually got the chance to return at merge and he quickly set up a camera to keep an eye on Samson. Their rivalry never ended as Kaster still holds a grudge against Andrew. In World Tour, once Andrew and Kaster both made merge they decided to work together along with Tanooki before Tanooki revealed the alliance causing him to be eliminated.

Konz Edit

Jack Edit

Given how much Jack kept to himself and his own activities, he wasn't around for any of the revelations about Andrew's MPD and everything Samson did to the others. Jack allied with Andrew after the first elimination ceremony where Jack and Alex were blamed for not jumping. Following the ceremony, Andrew was relaxing in the Bass's hot tub when he fell into a deep sleep and slowly drifted underwater. Jack saw this and pulled him out of the water. After this, Andrew and Jack voted together until Jack formed greater bonds with Ace in "Hide and Be Sneaky". Jack never found out about Samson's wrongdoings until OTDDDI, which led to him targeting Andrew along with the rest of the cast in Alien Resurr-egg-tion (episode 2) of OTDA, where Andrew was the first to be eliminated.

Joe Edit

Another victim of Andrew's manipulation on the Killer Bass. Andrew used Joe's vote to further himself in the game, then dumped him when he wasn't needed anymore.

Alex Edit

Alex is Andrew's shy cousin. Despite being family, they never said a word to each other and Andrew immediately voted Alex off in Not So Happy Campers (Part 2).

Click Edit

During Total Drama Island, Andrew's personality, Samson, interacted and made friends with Click (pretending of course) as Samson became closer he eventually got him to vote off one of his best friends Henry. After merge arrived, overcome with guilt, Click quit. They didn't speak until World Tour which they became friends again on real terms this time.

AJ Edit

Andrew and AJ first met at the Total Drama Action Special and didn't talk much but once they entered the game on Team Nuevo. Cameron instantly pulled them into an alliance and things went great until in the Amazon challenge when Andrew accidentally used AJ's Epi-Pen. That caused AJ to dislike him and a rivalry started. But Cameron, being the father of the team, got them to forgive one another. When the two made it to merge, Andrew betrayed their alliance and joined Kaster voting off Brenna and then AJ back to back. They didn't meet back up until Ridonculous Race where they had already made amends as AJ hosts the season. In All-Out All-Stars, AJ and Andrew teamed up with Minah as they worked together on the same team until Andrew was switched to the other team and was eliminated. However, Andrew didn't leave and they hung out every now and then. One night AJ even got him drunk along with Halo, Brenna, and himself.

Halo Edit

Andrew and Halo didn't interact with each other until All-Out All-Stars where they quickly became close friends. They started to like one another when Jules accidentally made them kiss twice. During a night where AJ got them drunk, they showed more feelings for each other by making out on the beach. In the season finale, Andrew helped Halo fight off Sting and Jennifer. She won the cash and they exited staying together.

Trivia Edit

  • In Our Total Drama Action, in Andrew's elimination, everyone who voted but Konz (excluding Andrew) voted for Andrew as one of the people in the double elimination.
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