Alebuckle "Buck" Windflake was a competitor in Our Total Drama Revenge of The Island. He was also one of Chris's interns and debuted as a competitor in the episode "Buck Up!" of Our Total Drama All-Out All-Stars.

Personality Edit

Buck is a cold calculated man who is quick with numbers and great at problem solving. He is not above revenge and very athletically styled.

Our Total Drama Revenge of The Island Edit

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Our Total Drama All-Stars Edit

In "Food Fright", Buck brought out the salad spinner when Ben said the challenge was easy.

When Cameron was eliminated, Chris flushed Buck with Cameron.

Our Total Drama All-Out All-Stars Edit

Buck debuted as a competitor in "Buck Up!"

In "Fourth Times the Charm", Buck was disqualified.

Our High Seas Edit

In "Pirated Copy", Buck was one of the five abductees. He was found in and removed from a distant tree on Alben Island by Lapira during the challenge.

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Buck's only flaw is that he lost his left eye a long time ago.
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