Evelyn Charles was a competitor with Shara Ashton on Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Evelyn's Myers-Briggs personality is ENFP aka The Campaigner personality (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver). Her enneagram personality is type 7 (the Enthusiast). Evelyn is a cheerful and exuberant teen that is happy often. She does not panic in situations because she always puts her hope for the best outcome to come out of the situation. She always finds a reason to smile.

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race[edit | edit source]

Evelyn and Shara were the last team to arrive at the chill zone in episode one, but Don announced that the episode was a non-elimination round and that Team Optimism was still in the competition.

In "French is an Eiffel Language", there was a penalty for drawing a team member in front of the Eiffel Tower beforehand. Team Optimism did not get a penalty and were one of the few teams that did not receive a penalty.

In "Mediterranean Homesick Blues", Team Optimism and Team NCIS were the last two teams to arrive. The teams arrived simultaneously, but Team Optimism was eliminated because Shara's foot was just outside the mat.

In "Bjorken Telephone", Teams Best Friends Since Birth and Deranged Lovers were seriously injured and could no longer compete. This led to Team Optimism (and Team Aspiring Pro Wrestlers) returning to the competition.

When the teams were in Brazil, Evelyn decided to give out brigadeiros and cocadas.

In Romania, Evelyn bought and gave out chocolate cakes.

In "Hawaiian Honeyruin", Team Optimism and Team NCIS had a fight. AJ decided to settle the fight by asking who had the ring. Altaria, from Team NCIS, raised her hand, and thus Team Optimism was sent home for the second time.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Amanda[edit | edit source]

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race[edit | edit source]

Evelyn bought a vegetarian burger for Amanda when Amanda was the only one who could not eat the burgers AJ gave out. Evelyn gave the vegetarian burger she bought and gave it to her. In response, Amanda hugged Evelyn.

Jason[edit | edit source]

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race[edit | edit source]

Jason and Evelyn first interacted when Evelyn said hello to him. Shara had to calm down Evelyn because Evelyn was too excited. Shara apologized for this, but Jason said it was alright. Jason and Evelyn quickly became friends after that. Jason mentioned in the confessionals that Evelyn had reminded him of JJ.

Scooter[edit | edit source]

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race[edit | edit source]

Scooter asked Evelyn for advice on what food to buy when all the teams were in Brazil. Evelyn suggested for Scooter to buy brigadeiros.

Shara[edit | edit source]

Prior to Our Total Drama[edit | edit source]

Evelyn and Shara were close friends ever since both of them were 8 years old. They met in a playground where they quickly befriended each other.

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race[edit | edit source]

Shara was Evelyn's teammate during Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race. She sometimes had to settle Evelyn down due to her cheerfulness.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Competition[edit | edit source]

  • Team Optimism was eliminated two episodes after they returned.
  • Both times, Team Optimism was eliminated one episode after Team Aspiring Pro Wrestlers.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Evelyn's favorite food is dark chocolate.
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