Ivette Dana Ludlum was a competitor on Our High Seas, as a member of the Mighty Magmas.

Personality Edit

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Our High Seas Edit

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Relationships Edit

Abigail Edit

Ivette poisoned Abigail (along with Jenna) with false morels, causing her to be medically evacuated.

Andrew Edit

Ivette had told Andrew that her father is an alcoholic. However, this was actually a lie, as Ivette's father was actually a buisnessman.

Bri Edit

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Chrome Edit

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Destiny Edit

Ivette had dared Destiny to drink 3 gallons of distilled water during a Truth or Dare with some of the other competitors. Destiny did so, but almost died from water intoxication shortly afterward.

Emily Edit

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Jenna Edit

Ivette caused Jenna to be medically evacuated. Ivette had poisoned Jenna (along with Abigail) with false morels.

Konz Edit

IvetteĀ and Konz agreed to an alliance early on in Our High Seas. After the elimination ceremony in "Pirated Copy", she caused Konz to be medically evacuated, resulting in the ultimate betrayal.

Lapira Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She aspires to be a hair stylist.
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