Jack was a camper on Our Total Drama Island, as a member of the Killer Bass. He returned as a cast member on Our Total Drama Action and served as a member of the Screaming Gaffers.

Personality Edit

Jack is a very cheerful, friendly guy, who believes that any two people can become friends if they spend the right amount of time together.

In a lot of parts in the competition, he would throw away his vote, not believing he deserved a vote. He heavily doubted himself and didn't think he deserved to do as well as he did.

Jack has a big love for berries, as shown in multiple occasions. He also created Mr. Coconut, who he was eliminated with.

Our Total Drama Island Edit

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Our Total Drama Action Edit

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Relationships Edit

Ace Edit

Ace and Jack hit it off in Search and Do Not Destroy, quickly becoming best friends.

Jack rooted for Ace to win in "The Very Last Episode, Really!"

Ace chose Jack as the first member to join his team in Our Total Drama Action.

Trivia Edit

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