Kai was a competitor on Our High Seas, as a member of the Treacherous Thunders.

Personality Edit

Kai is usually sad and mopey. He also isn't very active. It is suggested that he is quite pessimistic, though this has never been confirmed.

Our High Seas Edit

Kai did not participate in the challenges for the team. In "United States of Alliar", the Thunders lost. Receiving six votes during the elimination ceremony, he was then sent home.

Relationships Edit

Konz Edit

Kai interacted with Konz on Alben Island, saying that he watched OTDI but forgot about him.

Trivia Edit

Competition Edit

  • He was the first person to be voted off from the Treacherous Thunders.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • He is 19 years old.
  • Kai is implied to like reading books from "The Maze Runner" series, depicted by him reading "The Death Cure" while at Alben Island.
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