Konz was a camper on Our Total Drama Island. He was a part of team Screaming Gophers. He returned as a cast member on Our Total Drama Action but was eliminated before teams were chosen. He was an Aftermath host in Our Total Drama Action along with Andrew.

Personality Edit

Konz is a nice jock. He has a couple of bold personality traits. First off, he has a soft spot for his friends. If anybody did something anything to them, he would get pretty angry and stick up for them. He is a starting tight end on his high school football team and is captain of the team. He has amazing leadership skills.

Our Total Drama Island Edit

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Our Total Drama Action Edit

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Our Total Drama World Tour Edit

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Our High Seas Edit

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Relationships Edit

Matt Edit

Matt was Konz's first interaction in the whole series. They became friends, then formed an alliance with Minah. They also had other interactions in Casa de Losers.

Andrew Edit

At first Andrew and Konz didn't have any interactions. But soon enough Konz came back in the game and tried to help Andrew with Samson (Andrew's MPD), but that led to him exposing him. Then, in OTDA, they had an alliance which didn't last long due to them being the first eliminated in a double elimination.

Ben Edit

In Our Total Drama Action, Ben got Konz eliminated. Ben also got a couple of the other contestants to help eliminate him. This is because Ben dislikes autistic children and found Konz annoying back in the Casa de Losers, so he wanted to take him down.

Samson Edit

Also known as one of Andrew's multiple personalities, Samson wanted to take Konz down because he had found out about him. He failed in doing that, leaving Konz to get eliminated, but he did leave some remarks about the villain. In Our Total Drama Action, Konz tried helping him. 

On Our High Seas, Andrew and Konz got into an arguement on the ship. Konz ended the argument saying that he always hated Samson and walked off.

Ivette Edit

Ivette and Konz agreed to an alliance early on in Our High Seas. After the elimination ceremony in "Pirated Copy", she caused Konz to be medically evacuated, resulting in the ultimate betrayal.

Trivia Edit

  • In Our Total Drama Action, Konz was the only person not to vote for Andrew (excluding Andrew himself) as one of the people in the double elimination.
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