Matt was a camper on Our Total Drama Island as a member of Screaming Gophers. Although he did not qualify for Our Total Drama Action, he debuted as a competitor on the season in "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine" due to a successful lawsuit thanks to his friend's father. He was placed on the Screaming Gaffers. He competed in Our Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Nuevo. He also came back in Our Total Drama All-Stars and became a member of Villainous Vultures. Some time later he's been a contestant of OTDAOAS and was placed in Harvested Hampers. He cameback in Spin off of Our Total Drama series: Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race with Minah who was his teammate.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Matt is a metal music fan. He has several personality traits, can defend his loved ones, but also manipulates others. Matt has leadership skills that he does not use. Matt often criticizes what is happening in the world and has a tendency to think deeply. He knows what love is, what he showed while being in a relationship with Minah.

Matt focuses on observation other contestants and use of what he learned. His interests are: Informatics (IT), Music, Graphic Design and Football.

Our Total Drama Island[edit | edit source]

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Our Total Drama Action[edit | edit source]

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Our Total Drama World Tour[edit | edit source]

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Our Total Drama Revenge of The Island[edit | edit source]

Matt was seen on the ship with other contestants when he was kissing with Minah during the introduction of the first generation cast players. Later, Matt wasn't able to cameo in any episode because of his band named "Devastation House" who had to tour in multiple countries. However, Matt found time with his band members to watch Our Total Drama Revenge of The Island and get to know about the new contestants.

Our Total Drama All-Stars[edit | edit source]

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Our Total Drama All-Out All-Stars[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Minah[edit | edit source]

Matt joined Minah to the same team. Since the beginning, he tried to help her when they jumped together from the cliff with Phill's help. From the episode to the episode they were getting closer to each other together. While Matt was injured by Samson (Andrew), she tried to help him and worried about him. Over time, they became a couple and formed a strong alliance with Tommy. In Matt's elimination episode, their first kiss almost came.

Tommy[edit | edit source]

Matt's relationship with Tommy started when Tommy saved him from elimination in Up The Creek. Later, when Tommy became the captain of the team in "If You Can't Take The Heat..." Matt was obeying him. On the merge Matt, Minah and Tommy were working together and speding more time together.

Andrew[edit | edit source]

Matt had a good contact with Andrew, but he noticed that his behavior changed, he decided to take a look at it. He began to compete with him when Andrew was already known as Samson which lead him to injury and bruising by him. Matt was not scared of Andrew as Samson and continued to compete with him until he was eliminated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His favorite bands are Metallica and Emmure and many others.
  • His favorite football club is Manchester United.
  • He has 2 older brothers.
  • His favourite colours are black and red.
  • He's the only male contestant who has decorations on his hand.
  • He and his Metalhead created a band named "Devastation House" thanks to Sumerian Records, who knew Matt from Total Drama.
  • After Our Total Drama Action he formed a band named "Devastation House"
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