Murphy was a competitor on Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race as a part of Team Aspiring Pro Wrestlers. He was also a competitor on Our High Seas, as a member of the Stormy Seas.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Murphy is an Entertainer of sorts, being great at making others laugh or even just being dramatic. He's a strange mix of introverted and extraverted that creates a very likeable, bubbly personality that allows him to make friends easier than most people. He's a very caring person, and although he isn't the smartest guy around, he definitely knows just what to say to people.

Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race[edit | edit source]

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Our High Seas[edit | edit source]

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

A.J.[edit | edit source]

A.J. was Murphy's best friend during Our Total Drama Ridonculous Race, which saw them each try to get with best friends team, Willow & Perri. Inbetween seasons, a relationship started between A.J. and a girl Murphy liked, causing them to slowly rival and fall apart as friends. This was revealed by Murphy early on in Our High Seas.

Destiny[edit | edit source]

Murphy had a HUGE crush on Destiny, as evident by the way he acted around her. She may not have felt the same way, but Murphy definitely had feelings for her. They became friends before Murphy's elimination in Episode 13 of Our High Seas, "The Great Gutsby".

Ivette[edit | edit source]

Murphy didn't like Ivette, because of how she treated others. Not many interactions were held between them, as Murphy just liked to avoid drama - which was usually caused by Ivette. One altercation, however, saw Murphy grow both affectionate towards her whilst also hating her more. It was a strange feeling for Murphy, and it was one he thought over for hours before finally pushing it away.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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