Tommy was a camper and runner-up of Our Total Drama Island, as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He returned as a cast member on Our Total Drama Action and served as a member of the Killer Grips.

Personality Edit

Tommy is a fun-loving guy, who is often seen either making or telling puns from his trusty books or cooking up a storm. Despite his tendency of getting injured and odd cases of bad luck, Tommy generally has a cheerful attitude towards most of his fellow competitors.

Our Total Drama Island Edit

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Our Total Drama Action Edit

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Relationships Edit

Matt Edit

Tommy and Matt have a good standing relationship. During the elimination ceremony in the episode "Up the Creek", there was a tie between Katt and Matt. Since Tommy was the only one not to vote for either of them, he had to break the tie. He chose to keep Matt in the game because he didn't want to get in the way of Matt and Minah's relationship. Matt has also supported Tommy numerous times. After losing "If You Can't Take the Heat...", Tommy was distraught, so Matt and Minah rushed to his side and comforted him. Samson tried to trick Tommy at one point to vote off Matt, but was proven wrong when Tommy and Matt confronted each other. Their bond was strengthened after that. In "The Very Last Episode, Really!" Matt sat on Tommy's side signifying that Matt wanted Tommy to win.

Minah Edit

The two of them are very close friends. Minah, as well as Matt, rushed to him and comforted him after Tommy lost the cooking challenge in "If You Can't Take the Heat...". Minah has shown concern for Tommy numerous times, like in "Who Can You Trust?" where Tommy got sick after eating the dish prepared by Phill. She and Tommy have told each other puns and laughed. One specific time is before the challenge in "No Pain, No Game". During the same episode, he volunteered to do a challenge intended for Minah and lost intentionally to keep her in the game, in which she was grateful for. When Matt was voted off, Tommy comforted her and baked her cookies. In "The Very Last Episode, Really!" Minah sat on Tommy's side, which meant that she wanted Tommy to win.

Trivia Edit

  • Tommy was the favourite to win Our Total Drama Island.
  • His elimination in Our Total Drama Action was called a large upset.
  • He was originally not intended to be in Our Total Drama Island, but was added after Cameron quit the show.
  • He has an allergy towards tomatoes.
  • He is the farthest placing contestant on the Screaming Gophers in Total Drama Island.
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