Topher, also known as "The Embodiment of Sin" was the winner of Total Drama Banoi Island and a member of both Team Topher the Great as well as Team Powerhouses, Topher disappeared during Season 2 only to return as Host after purchasing a supposed cursed boat from Dexter.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Topher is initially introduced as a host wannabe who would go out of his way to steal the limelight from Amy, but after merge was outed as an evil genius, who used a lot of methods of manipulation to push himself further in the game.

Topher is known to be quite evil, but can be seen to have an inkling of good when Jen is involved.

Topher's psychosis was revisited in Total Drama: High Seas over numerous occasions, none more-so than Take a Fright.

Total Drama: Banoi Island[edit | edit source]

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Relationships[edit | edit source]


Topher and Jen started off with a strong friendship, which resulted in quite a lot of interactions.

Per Dawn, Topher discovered that Jen had a crush on him, leading to him wanting to get further in the game.

Upon her return he and her shared a kiss, and officially became a couple.

At the end of season Topher, Jen and Dawn headed to Italy with the million.


Topher and Dawn are connected via Jen, who is Dawn's best friend and Topher's girlfriend, she is currently in Italy with Topher and Jen.


Topher and Lightning were also allied until the end, until Topher won sole vote in the final 3 and chose to send him home, resulting in the ultimate betrayal.


Topher and Jo were allied from the start, and he even bought through to the finale, where he ultimately betrayed her by attacking her helpers, eventually sabotaging her into losing the final challenge, though she got her revenge by giving him his comeuppance.


Topher and Shawn were allies for most of the game, if in secret, but Topher was left with choosing between Jen and Shawn to eliminate, he ultimately chose Shawn.


Sam and Topher were allies for a short time, until Sam caught onto Topher's plan, he was sang out of the game in 9th place.


Duncan and Topher have a rocky relationship all around, and Duncan had amassed a total of 5 people to vote Topher off, but Topher won Sole Vote and voted him off in 10th.

Topher's Key Songs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Topher won Season 1 completely by coincidence.
  • Topher built more traps in the finale than any villain has had at any time.
  • Topher disappearance in Season 3 was never bought up again despite playing a key role in his downfall.
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