Total Drama Waka Island is the first season of Ace's Total Drama fanseasons. The season lasted 13 episodes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

14 brand new contestants find themselves on an island known simply as Waka Island. Here, they must work together in teams, compete in challenges, earn the trust of each other and suceed, all in a bid to be the last standing and win $1,000,000.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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The season consists of 13 episodes.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Character Episode Count
Chris 13/13
Josh 13/13
Jack 13/13
Holly 13/13
Ben 13/13
Anthony 11/13
Charlotte 11/13
Seth 10/13
Hannah 9/13
Emma 7/13
Joe 7/13
Charlie 5/13
Quinn 5/13
Paige 3/13
Danielle 2/13

Elimination[edit | edit source]

Contestant Primary Team Place Episode
Danielle Malicious Moles 14th Drowning In Style!
Paige Sliding Snakes 13th Arctic Escapades
Quinn Sliding Snakes 12th Brain Vs Brain
Charlie Sliding Snakes 11th A Moaning Lisa
Joe Sliding Snakes 10th Trapped In Cells
Emma Malicious Moles 9th Eating Wars VII
Hannah Malicious Moles 8th Hide and Go Campaign
Seth Malicious Moles 7th Running Up a Storm
Charlotte Sliding Snakes 6th Double Trouble Torture
Anthony Sliding Snakes 5th Cliff-Tacular Betrayal
Jack Malicious Moles 4th Step Into the Final Four
Ben Malicious Moles 3rd Trials to Lose a Million
Holly Sliding Snakes 2nd Trials to Lose a Million
Josh Malicious Moles 1st Trials to Lose a Million

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This was the first, and currently only season to take place on Waka Island.
  • This is the shortest season in the Waka universe.
  • The elimination order for the season was created before the character's personalites.
    • However, Anthony and Seth had their places swapped to better suit their characters and popularity.
  • The season was very well received by fans and critics.
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