Tyler was a camper and winner of Total Drama Myrkur Island as a member of the Varsity Vampires. He was returned as a contestant on Total Drama Cruises as a member of Team Matriarchy.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tyler is heavily a comedic character, with his stupidity and incompetence when it comes to sports making him the butt of many jokes. He is shown to be rather cocky, often trying to show off, but failing miserably.

He's shown to be very gullible, often falling for Alejandro's tricks. He rarely votes smartly, instead voting on his "gut feeling", or if someone has convinced him to vote for someone, often through lies.

Total Drama Myrkur Island[edit | edit source]

Tyler entered Myrkur Island, and was chosen by Anne Maria as a member of the Varsity Vampires.

He rarely won his team any challenges, and wasn't much of a help, but formed friendships with Geoff and Brick, which evolved into an alliance at merge.

Tyler made it to merge, and continued to float through the competition, only appearing in the bottom 2 once.

However, despite his alliance with Brick and Geoff, Alejandro managed to convince him to vote for Brick, lying to Tyler in order to persuade him.

Tyler continued to vote with Geoff and now Duncan, and the two voted off Mary quickly.

When Duncan was voted off, Tyler continued an alliance with Geoff, which lasted until the finale.

Tyler and Alejandro competed in the finale, with Tyler conquering his fear of chickens, and hand-springing into the final pole, and winning the season.

Total Drama Cruises[edit | edit source]

Coming soon!

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Geoff[edit | edit source]

Tyler and Geoff had an alliance for the majority of Myrkur Island. The two, and Brick, stayed together until merge, but the alliance broke off when Alejandro convinced Tyler that Brick was not who he said he was.

However, Tyler and Geoff ended up remaining in an alliance, with the added bonus of Duncan, and ended up reaching the final three together.

The two did not interact in Cruises.

Brick[edit | edit source]

Brick quickly assembled an alliance with Geoff and Tyler, planning to use them to help him take out major threats.

However, Alejandro managed to convince the gullible Tyler that Brick was not who he said he was, and that ended their friendship and alliance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tyler was purely intended for comedic purposes at first.
  • Despite winning Myrkur Island, Tyler only won immunity in the final 4 challenge.
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